“Susan truly engages her audience; whether client, colleague or new acquaintance, her capacity to put a smile on anyone’s face and make them feel like they are having a great time, is indefatigable.”

“While Susan is one of the funniest and most buoyant people I know, she also brings a very strong depth that is garnered from experience. A true artist with a strong work ethic and unwavering professionalism.”

“She’s so experienced. She implements things so seamlessly and effortlessly that it’s only after a session that you realize that all that fun was incredibly well thought out and executed.”

​“Maybe she should launch her own brand of Susan Newhouse brand Kool-Aid©. I’ve tried it and it tastes like ideas!”

“Susan’s not just a facilitator. She’s got way more to offer and at a higher strategic level.”


“She makes a very complex job look very easy.”